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A car that is in good condition is of paramount importance to the safety of your vehicle. Another very important factor contributing to a comfortable and safe ride is your car tyres. They are the element that transmits the power of the vehicle to the road. They ensure a short braking distance and high stability, even on wet roads. Good car tyres also save fuel.

Car tyres Bradford are figuratively speaking, the soles of a car. And considering that these "soles" are the only connection to the road, it is vitally important to have the best possible tyre for driving safety, ride comfort and fuel efficiency for a vehicle.

What types are tyres are there?

There are essentially three different categories of car tyres. Summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres can be mounted on all types and classes of cars. You can choose between different brands and tyre classes. What is the most important consideration is the tyre size, which in turn depends on the size of the wheel on the vehicle. Thus, different sizes of passenger car tyres can be mounted on just one rim, without this having a negative impact on the driving characteristics.

The biggest differences in the tyre types are profile and material.

Summer, Winter & All-Season Tyres

Summer tyres are suitable for the warmer months and have a special profile, which allows maximum grip on both dry and wet roads. With summer tyres you are always safe during the hot days. These tyres are highly durable and allow the best traction even at extremely high temperatures.

They are available for all vehicle classes and are available from brands such as Michelin, Continental, Yokohama and many more.

When the warm season is over and winter is slowly approaching, it's time to replace your summer tyres with winter tyres. Winter tyres ensure that the car has the best driving characteristics possible even in difficult road conditions such as snow and rain. Safety is a top priority in the production of winter tyres. They are also available in all sizes and for all vehicle classes.

An alternative for those who do not like to change their car tyres at the end of the season is the all-season tyres. They have good properties in summer and winter at the same time. In terms of price, they can be a bit more expensive.

Tyre Age

The DOT number prevents the purchase of obsolete tyres - On the side wall of a tyre is the word "DOT", followed by an oval circled four-digit number. This digit string is the DOT number. The first two digits denote a calendar week, digits three and four form a year. From here you can exactly ascertain the date this tyre was manufactured.

Not every new tyre is really new. Due to a large number of different formats and products, car tyres are often stored for several years before they go over the counter. Thanks to the DOT number, however, the date of manufacture can be read on each tyre.

The quality of a tyre decreases with time

When properly stored, according to the manufacturer, tyres should retain their product properties and thus their safety quality for up to ten years. However, taking into account all storage and care tips, it cannot be prevented that chemical and physical processes take place as a tyre ages.

What happens as a tyre ages?

There are cracks in the surface of the tyre

The rubber hardens and becomes less effective

When buying a tyre, always check the DOT number. Only in this way can you ensure that you really buy new ones with your new tyres.

At MCC Manchester Road our tyre experts will advise you as to the perfect tyre for you, to suits your driving requirements and budget. We stock a vast range of both premium and budget tyres, from all the well-known brands at cheap prices.

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