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Are you looking for Performance Tyres for your vehicle?

Looking for Performance Tyres Bradford?

Due to the optimised handling that they offer, ultra-high performance tyres are primarily for driving enthusiasts who want to make the most of their sports or luxury cars. Designed for maximum grip and maneuverability, the tread surface is wider and manufactured with a highly adhesive component. They also have a very short sidewall or low profile that can optimise the handling without decreasing the reaction capacity from the sidewall swing.

Unique tread designs

To maximise the handling ability of your vehicle, the tread design of the ultra-high-performance tyre features either wide traditional grooves or a V-shaped tread. These grooves serve to drive water away from the front of the tyre, to keep as much surface as possible in contact with the roadway and to prevent hydroplaning. You will also notice that the shoulder of the tyre has wide or solid pavers to ensure maximum contact and the best possible grip in tight curves. In addition, the high-performance tyres give your vehicle a remarkable appearance because of their very low profile with an aspect ratio ranging from 30 series to a maximum of about 50 series. You will also find that once installed on the vehicle, they give the impression that the wheel is huge and the tyre barely exists.

Ultra High Performance Tyres: What You Need to Know

To give the vehicle the performance it needs, high-performance tyres tend to make driving firmer, allowing the driver to feel better on the road. You will also find that, like race tyres, some manufacturers have added a nylon liner to the tyre belt to ensure that the tyre does not begin to deviate from centrifugal forces at high speeds. Indeed, as the tyre warms up, it tries to expand, but the nylon belt can contain it. An expansion results in a reduction of the contact surface of the tyre with the roadway; that is why, by optimally containing the expansion, it is possible to ensure uniform contact between the tread and the road surface, thereby optimizing the handling and maintaining the stability of the vehicle.

Differential wheelbase for a sporty look

Some high performance vehicles require a differential wheelbase; the size of the front tyres must be different from that of the rear tyres. Such a feature gives the vehicle a much sportier look, but prevents the owner from enjoying the benefits of tyre rotation, or opt for two sets of identical tyres. High performance vehicles that can get the most out of their high horsepower and torque require a well-performing high performance tyre. After all, these are just four palm-sized surfaces that allow the vehicle to stay on the road!

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