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Are you looking for Engine Diagnostics Bradford for your vehicle?

Cars are becoming increasingly sophisticated technology and are presenting ever greater challenges to many garages. Modern engine management systems electronically control the injection of fuel, thereby guaranteeing optimal engine performance while at the same timesaving fuel.

An engine diagnostic check will perform a thorough scan of the intricate systems within your vehicle and performing a diagnostic check can effectively detect any fault within your vehicle’s system. This can reduce the risk of the problem potentially getting worse and becoming more serious and more expensive to resolve.

Visit us at MCC Manchester Road where we can run an Engine Diagnostics Bradford check using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and expert knowledge.

What is an Engine Warning Light?

When there is a fault with your vehicle, an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) will usually notify you by displaying a fault warning on you dash. An Engine Control Unit (ECU) is an on-board vehicle computer.

What Problems Can Trigger the Engine Light Warning?

The lights are generally colour coded, red, yellow or green

Ranging from minor to major, a host of things can trigger the engine light to come on in your vehicle, including:

  • Loose Fuel Cap
  • Brake fluid level is low or may be leaking
  • Your coolant level is too low
  • A fault with the coolant temperature sensor
  • A fault with the engine oil pressure sensor
  • The battery/charging light will indicate a problem with the battery, where the Battery voltage level is below normal
  • Spark Plug fault
  • Emission control system malfunction

What Should I do if my Engine Light Comes on?

Always ensure you have a qualified technician using specialist diagnostic equipment, such as that used by our team at MCC Manchester Road to investigate the fault.

The problem may not be anything serious, but it is advisable to have them investigated early as they may become a more costly repair at some time in the future.

At MCC Manchester Road an expert technician will be able to detect the problem for you using our specialised engine diagnostics Bradford tool. This tool will provide data, and reveal to the technician exactly what has caused the warning light to illuminate. Our team can then advise you of the best course of action to rectify this fault.

Visit us at MCC Manchester Road Ltd, 662 Manchester Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD5 7NL

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