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Are you looking for MOT Bradford for your vehicle?

According to UK laws, all vehicle owners must have an annual MOT test Bradford carried out once their vehicles turn three years of registration. This test assesses the roadworthiness and environmental friendliness of their vehicles.

MCC Manchester Road Ltd is a DVSA authorised service workshop offering MOT Bradford for Class 4, 5 and 7 vehicles at very reasonable rates.

Classification of vehicles as per DVSA

According to the legal guidelines, vehicles in the United Kingdom are categorised as follows:

  • Class 4 vehicles: ambulances, cars with up to 8 seats, vehicles with three wheels (more than 450kg unladen weight), dual-purpose vehicles, motor caravans, taxis, private passenger vehicles and ambulances with up to 9-12 seats, good vehicles (up to 3000kg gross weight).
  • Class 5 vehicles: Ambulances and private passenger vehicles with 13-16 seats, play buses.
  • Class 7 vehicles: Goods and services automobiles with a dry gross weight of over 3,000 kgs up to 3,500 kgs.

About our MOT Bradford

Our testers check the crucial components of your vehicle per the legal guideline, including:

Exhaust system

Malfunctioning exhaust systems are one of the most common reasons that lead to an MOT failure. Our experts check various components of your car's exhaust system, such as catalytic converter, silencer, oxygen sensors, etc.

Tyres and wheels

Our technicians will check the condition of car tyres and wheels. They will ensure that the tyres have a tread depth of at least 1.6 mm (the legal minimum), the main tread is free from exposed cords, and there are no damages to the tyre's sidewalls.

Suspension system

An optimally functioning suspension system ensures maximum driving safety and vehicle performance. We will inspect all components of the car's suspension system.

Apart from the components mentioned above, we also check:

  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Windscreen and wiper blades
  • Braking system
  • Mirrors
  • Numberplates
  • Bodywork
  • Doors
  • External and internal vehicle lights, and several other parts.

MOT Certification

After the inspection, we issue an MOT pass or fail certificate based on the test results.

Minor: These are not such severe issues in your vehicle. However, you should not ignore these issues as they can lead to further complications and hefty repair bills down the line.

The vehicle will still pass. A so-called advisory note will be issued. The faults will be recorded in the DVSA system and re-checked during the next MOT.

Major: Major issues in your vehicle lead to MOT failures. Make sure to resolve the problems immediately to remain safe while driving.

Dangerous: These severe issues affect your vehicle's performance and on-road driving safety.

In case your vehicle has minor or no issues, you will receive a VT20 certificate which means that your car has successfully passed the MOT.

However, if your vehicle has major or dangerous issues, you will get a VT30, or MOT fail certificate.

You are then no longer allowed to drive the vehicle until the issues are resolved, and a partial re-test has been carried out.

We recommend taking your vehicle for a pre-MOT check Bradford, during which parts are checked and repaired/changed before taking the vehicle for the MOT.

If your vehicle needs any repairs/part replacement after a failed MOT test Bradford, we can certainly help you.

We will be happy to fix the issues and carry out the re-test. If done within ten days, the re-test is free of charge.

You can now stop searching a centre for "MOT Bradford" and come to us instead.

You can find our workshop at 662 Manchester Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD5 7NL.

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