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Camper or motorhome tyres are usually in the ''Light Commercial'' (C) category. These are generally more hard-wearing tyres which have been designed to allow for the extra weight of motorhomes, and to reduce swaying.

Unless you are lucky enough to regularly be setting of on holiday in your motorhome it will most likely spend the majority of the time stationary sat on the drive, often in all weathers throughout the year.

The tyres on your vehicle are an important safety feature of your motor home and it is essential that they are maintained and are kept in excellent condition, immediately replacing when necessary with the appropriate type of tyre for your vehicle.

At MCC Manchester Road we recommend that new tyres be fitted after five to six years. We have a great range of Motorhome Tyres Bradford.

You can find out the age of your tyres by using the DOT identifier, at the end of a four-digit number. This information indicates the week and year that the tyre was made. This will help you identify the age of the tyre and when to replace it.

Always check the condition, tread and age of your motor home tyres before each trip. If they are left stationary for long periods of time, this can cause the tyres to deteriorate quickly.

Tyre Safety Checks:

Deterioration such as cuts in the tyres, sidewall cracking,

Deformation and lack of air in the tyres.

Motor home tyres are legally required to have a minimum 1.6mm tread depth

It is recommended that motor home tyres should be replaced every 5 years maximum but in cases where tyres don’t seem safe change before this age.

At MCC Manchester Road we hold a range of cheap Motorhome Tyres Bradford, call our team today.

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