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Are you looking for Oil Change for your vehicle?

Engine oil is rightly considered the life juice of the engine. It ensures that the engine - the heart of the vehicle - remains fully functional, working optimally and lasting for a long time. For this reason, the right engine oil must always be available in sufficient quantity, quality and freshness. Otherwise, the engine may overheat, sludge, wear prematurely, rust, or otherwise damage.

Why an Oil Change is necessary:

Oil fulfils various functions within the engine. The main tasks include:

  • To Lubricate
  • To Clean
  • To Cool
  • To Protect against corrosion

Over time, engine oil loses its efficiency. It lubricates, cleans, cools and seals no longer adequately and also offers no corrosion protection. Causes are: the deposition of dirt particles, the mechanical destruction of the molecular chains and the dilution with water and fuel. A regular oil change is therefore necessary.

At MCC Manchester Road our comprehensive oil change service Bradford, includes the following services:

  • Removal of the old, dirty oil filter
  • Fitting of the new oil filter exactly according to the specifications of the manufacturer of your vehicle
  • Refilling of the new oil according to the manufacturer's instructions regarding oil grade, quantity and necessity
  • We reset the oil change interval indicator
  • We dispose of the used oil in an environmentally friendly way

Efficient engine oil consists of a balanced mixture of base oil and additives.

Good engine oil must provide comprehensive protection during each and every journey - both in summer and in winter.

In winter, it must be as thin as possible, so that it reaches as quickly as possible all lubrication points and the engine starts faster.

In summer, it must have a thicker texture, so that the lubricating film does not break off in too much heat. This performance must be achieved on both long and short distances.

How often must an Oil Change be performed?

The intervals are defined by the type of use of the car, the mileage; the time elapsed since the last oil exchange, and the quality and condition of the engine oil.

If you require information regarding an oil change Bradford, please contact our friendly team at MCC Manchester Road

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