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Punctures usually happen at the most unfavourable time or at a conceivably awkward point. If your vehicle is equipped with run flat tyres (RFT), you can safely and controlled stop or continue to a garage to have a new tyre installed.

What are RFT tyres?

RFT tyres are still roadworthy (for a certain distance and at lower speeds) even when the air pressure inside the tyre falls. Due to their considerably reinforced sidewalls, they can still carry the weight of the vehicle. Their specially designed tyre beads prevent the tyre from coming loose from the rim. The bead filler is a special rubber compound that counteracts heat generation.

You will be able to continue your journey at 30 mph for another 50 miles – plenty of time to get to your nearest garage. We stock a range of run flat tyres Bradford here at MCC Manchester Road.

What are the main advantages of RFT tyres?


You can drive safely even with a sudden drop in pressure.

You do not have to change tyres on a busy street or on the hard shoulder.

In normal tyres, puncture, especially at high speeds, creates a dangerous situation as you may lose control of your vehicle. Run-flat tyres, on the other hand, are designed so that the tyre bead cannot slip off the wheel rim, leaving you in control of your vehicle.


You do not have to change the tyre immediately and can continue comfortably and without annoying noises.

You have more space available as you do not have to carry a spare wheel in the boot.


Since you do not have to carry a spare tyre, you save energy, space and weight.

This means savings in raw materials, making tyres an environmentally friendly alternative.

Are RFT tyres suitable for all vehicle types?

Run Flat tyres should only be fitted to vehicles that are already factory-fitted with these types of tyres as they have onboard a have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). As soon as the system detects a tyre pressure drop in any of the tyres, it issues a warning.

Do RFT tyres have to be checked?

Yes, you should also check these tyres - like any other - regularly for holes, wear or other damage. Remember to check the air pressure once a month as the TPMS often does not respond to a slight pressure loss that usually occurs over several weeks. TPMS is a warning system, but it does not guarantee the correct tyre pressure.

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