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Are you looking for Shock Absorbers for your vehicle?

Shock absorbers are one of the most important components when it comes to controlling the vehicle: they are constantly in motion on every journey to quickly absorb the vibrations of the unsprung vehicle mass. With this, shock absorbers perform an enormous amount of power on every mile without you, as the driver, being aware of it - at least not as long as the shock absorbers work perfectly. For worn or even defective shock absorbers have noticeable effects on parts of the vehicle and ride comfort.

Check the rear axle shock absorbers for defects and damage.

We recommend checking the shock absorbers of your car for the following abnormalities:

  • You hear banging or crackling noises when driving at speed on bumpy roads
  • The curve behaviour of your vehicle is no longer stable and fluid
  • Your vehicle reacts more sensitively to crosswinds or shears off
  • Your vehicle swings when you drive over a bump
  • The tyres on your vehicle are worn unevenly and wear out faster

If oil escapes from the piston rod of one of the shock absorbers, it is already completely worn out or damaged.

If you notice any of the above, you should act swiftly: have your vehicle's shock absorbers checked as soon as possible and replaced if necessary.

The consequences of defective shock absorbers:

Increased loss of control, also the aquaplaning danger on wet roads increases and braking distances are prolonged.

Increased wear: wheel bearings and other chassis parts are exposed to the vibration of the vehicle "undamped" and also the tyre wear increases.

Higher operating costs: the rolling resistance of the tyres increases, which increases fuel consumption and thus fuel costs

At MCC Manchester Road we will happily inspect and replace your Shock Absorbers.

Shock absorbers should only be changed in pairs - either total front axle or rear axle as a whole or front and rear axle together, as required.

New shock absorbers are of little use if the axle adjustment is not correct: because one shock absorber wears out more than the other. That's why it is important to measure your vehicle before installing the new shock absorbers

After installing the shock absorbers, we adjust the tyre pressure and the height of the lights to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. Contact us for assistance with your Shock Absorber Bradford.

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